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Don’t put my yoga in a box, please!

I just updated this topic and wanted to share again . . . it is a reflection on how modern ashtanga is sadly mimicking the same mistakes our medical community is making and our western mindset.  Just trying to share … Continue reading

Know your Farmer — We want farmers markets with farmers that grow and sell their own food

WE WANT A FARMERS MARKET WITH FARMERS WHO GROW THEIR OWN FOOD! Locally and preferably organic. Locally grown produce contains more vitamins and minerals, and is friendlier for the environment. Locally grown produce also helps us eat with the … Continue reading

Food for Thought Workshop

This is the information from my Food for Thought workshop, please see the last few pages for very interesting research on certain foods and herbs our society is a little confused about. Food for Thought Workshop

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Friday July 3rd there will be 10:00am Mysore class ONLY on this day.

Saturday July 4th we are open as well with a 10:00am Mysore class :)

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