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Essential Oils from Floracopeia and Mountain Rose Herbs now available.

Essential Oils

Many oils are in stock at BeFit. Those items not in stock can be ordered.
Here is a link to the line up of essential oils we are bringing in or I can order for you:
For more information on Essential Oils, click here and scroll to the June 2015 Topic
Call 717-443-1119 or email Bobbi for stock availability.

The oils are usually in stock; I can get any you may need:

Lemon and most citruses
Peppermint / Wintergreen and most in the mint family
Tea Tree
Oregano / Rosemary / Ginger / Marjoram and most in the herb family

Blends usually in stock:
Legends (aka thieves and on guard)
Muscle Blend (aka deep blue)
Digestive Blend


Books, CD’s and Videos

Led Full Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga - Downloadable MP3 Version
Led Full Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga - Downloadable MP3 Version
Download an MP3 version of Bobbi cueing Led Primary and take your practice with you wherever you go.

Track List
01 - Opening Chant
02 - Sun Salutes - Click here for a sample!
03 - Standing Poses
04 - 1/2 Primary (Dandasana - Navasana)
05 - Second Half of Primary (Bhujapidasana - Setu Bandhasana)
06 - Closing (Urdhva Dhanurasana - Sirsasana)
07 - 3 Lotus Flowers and Rest

Windows Users - Right-click on sample links and select "Save Target As..."

Practice Options:
Sun Salutes and Lotus Flowers - Tracks 2, 7
Sun Salutations and Closing Sequence - Tracks 2, 6, 7
Sun Salutations, Standing Poses, Closing - Tracks 2,3,6,7
Sun Salutes, 1/2 Primary and Closing - Tracks 2,4,6,7
Sun Salutes, Standing, 1/2 of Primary, Closing - Tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, 7

MUSIC Performed by Steve Jewett
Tracks 3-6 Sitar—Classic Indian Ragas; Behag. Megh (monsoon or rain saga), Desh (country)
Track 7 Harmonium w/ Steveji singing Hari Krishna Mantra

Special Thanks and NAMASTE to Michael Giblin for Engineering and Kevin Neidig for help with making the cds.

Price: $12.72


ClothingTank Tops (both men’s and women’s cuts), T-Shirts, V-neck Women’s Tees, and Long Sleeve Shirts
100% cotton in a variety of sizes and colors, BeFit logo on front of all shirts and some with text on back, some without any text on back. Please call or email for availability, 717-443-1119 /
Price: $25.00

Body Care

Asana Kisser
Asana Kisser
We know how a good yoga class can work your muscles, so we have provided this pain-relieving salve dedicated to the "asanas" (postures) in the practice. While our Asana Kisser treats sore muscles, it also opens up breathing passages and stimulates focus with a pleasing and invigorating scent.

This makes a terrific present for your favorite yogini, or the new student of yoga - and yoga teachers love it, too! Relieves pain dramatically, and imparts a wondrous, glowing warmth to the areas it is rubbed on. Perfect for applying to the neck or temples, during lengthy seated sessions in meditation. Apply to third eye for opening, to stimulate intuition, and to enlighten. Remember to also use it on strains, sprains, and all kinds of pains - for divine relief!!

Price: $16.25


Neti Pot
Neti Pot
"The Neti pot is a simple, easy to use device for cleansing nasal passages through Jal Neti Kriyas for the prevention of allergies and colds."
* Unbreakable and durable - Made of Copper - highly recommended metal in Yoga.
Price: $29.50


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