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Fall into Winter Session:  September 8 – December 29, 2020 (17 weeks)

Wrapping up 2020 in health and well being!

  • 1 class per week $153 ($9/class) — this prorates as we go along, for example as of the week of 10/11/20 it is $108 for classes through December 29.
  • 2 or more classes per week $238 ($7/class or less) — this prorates as we go along too — as of the week of 10/11/20 it is $168.00 for two classes per week though December 29.
  • 10 class punch card $100 – 1 year expiration date (see note below)
    Drop in $10
  • Drop in $12.00 / class — drop in anytime for any class.

Punch card of 10 class – $100 – 1 Year Expiration

Want to get my weekly health talks but can’t make a commitment to a regular online practice?  This is the option for you:

  • You can log on at no charge (no punch) any class to listen to the topic talk, I will only punch your card when you join us for physical practice.
  • Weekly emails with the topic talk, links, and other supporting information sent out at the end of each week.
  • Includes 10 classes / year.  If you use more than that you can purchase another 10 and your year starts over.

Stay Connected to the BeFit Yoga community and get the latest information on health, yoga, nutrition, and living well with the punch card option.

4:45 Ope Mic
5:00-7:00 Open Mysore
6:00ish and/or 6:30ish – topic talk and pranayama
Tuesdays & Thursdays
4:30 open mic
5:00 topic talk & pranayama
5:30 Led Primary on Tuesday / Led Second on Thursday

You can join in for the full two hour session or just any part of the 2 hour period.  Many people log in just to talk with me in the open mic time or to join in for the workshop portion only — and some just log in to catch the led or mysore class.  Lots of options.


Open Mic
During this time you can pop on to talk with me, or anyone else in the class (the group will be able to hear), ask questions, — or to start your mysore practice early.

Topic of the Month talk / Workshop
During this time I have a topic talk I share — on yoga, health, stress reduction, food, lifestyle … anything pertaining to health and well being.  We also do pranayama during this time.  It is anywhere from 20-40 minutes long.

Led Primary & Led Second
Tuesdays are a softly led Primary series, and Thursdays are an even softer led Second series practice.  

These are softly led group individualized classes — I’ve coined a new term “led mysore”.  In Led Mysore classes I lead the group through a framework of practice modifying for each person in the class.   New people can also learn and progress the practice kinda mysore style within the led classes.

Mysore Class
In a Mysore class the entire class is not cued simultaneously, each person does their own personal practice with the teacher present to give assists, new postures, advice, or modifications for tightnass or pain, etc.  This is how we individualize the Ashtanga Practice!  This is a good class to learn a new pose, ask me questions about your practice, learn a modified or restorative practice, or work on a certain pose — or even show up with a partner I can teach some assists to if there is a pose you’d like an assist in; for example partner pose in second series (supta vajrasana) or down dog, or headstand spot, etc.

New to yoga?  New to my way of teaching?  I have been teaching for 30 years in 2020(!) and many of the people in my classes have been coming almost that long!  They know their practices; when we practice together in a group I give a basic cue and everyone knows their cue for their body… 

If you are new to my style of teaching you may be used to following the cue or as I call it … ‘someone else’s practice’ ;).  In order to get the most from this session you will benefit more if you work with me individually for just one or two sessions to learn your own yoga practice — then you can follow along with us and not feel lost, and from there I can help you grow your practice mysore style in the online group class.  I am offering a special to ‘new to me’ people who join this class —
Two 1/2 hour private sessions or 1 one hour session for $45.00 online (unless you live in upcountry Maui).  Register here for your private sessions.

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