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BeFit Yoga - Since 2001Hello, Aloha, and Welcome

BeFit Body & Mind is here to serve you!  We offer Health Coaching, teach yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, traditional exercise, and nutrition counseling. 

We started in the early 90s teaching nutrition, personal training, and individualized exercise programs.  By the mid-90s we branched off into yoga and went deep into the ashtanga and vini yoga methods.  We opened our first yoga studio in 2001.  In 2017 we added Health Coaching to our main services realizing our nation is suffering from bad food and bad medicine.  It is our goal to educate you about food, holistic approaches, movement and breathing exercises to allow you to live to your fullest potential feeling vibrant and full of life.

Health coaching is available by phone, video conferencing, or in person.  Bobbi Misiti is certified by the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, an affiliation with the Institute of Functional Medicine.

We offer therapeutic individualized yoga in the Ashtanga method (old fashioned ashtanga yoga) and therapeutic yoga is based on the vini yoga method.   Yoga includes deep breathing, movement with breath awareness, and where necessary postures to heal a sore or injured area with movements to enhance blood flow for healing.  We offer group classes in Camp Hill, PA, workshops worldwide, and online individualized yoga anywhere in the world.

We promote the educational aspect of the practice and give students access to where these ideas come from. Each month there is a topic of the month dealing with food, nutrition, yoga philosophy, therapy technique, meditation or other health benefit that is shared before classes.

At BeFit Body & Mind we teach to accommodate every body and meet you where you are.  Individualized attention and programs are what we offer 🙂

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