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The physical practices of Yoga are designed to keep the body healthy, stress free, and disease free (prevention:). The practice focuses on improving your breathing quality, and then moving our body in rhythm with our breath. This moving and breathing synchronicity reduces stress in our bodies, and creates health at a cellular level — by circulating blood, lymph, neurons, hormones, etc. to every cell in our body, while removing toxins that make cells mutate or sick we are able to prevent disease. Creating health from the “root” or from a cellular level is preventative medicine at its best! The postures internally cleanse the organs, very important in the toxic world corporations have created today.
Once the body is free of disease and pain, we can begin our work on the deeper aspects of yoga.  We provide INDIVIDUALIZED instruction on the practice of yoga in a warm, safe, and encouraging atmosphere.

BeFit Yoga Classes at Mending Roots Wellness

Mending Roots Wellness Center is Located at: 2138 Market Street, Camp Hill.    717/850-7120
Click here for our schedule of class this month at Mending roots wellness.

How to Register for Classes? SHOW UP 🙂  You can also pre-register online at (October through April only). 
May 1 – September 30, 2018 online registration is below.

Bobbi will resume teaching at Mending Roots Wellness May 1 – September 30, 2018

Registrations for Bobbi’s classes are taken by Bobbi and through this site.  Below is our full schedule of class May 1 – Sept. 30, stay posted for some additional small group health coaching workshop offerings:

4:00-8:00 Open Mysore
4:00-5:30 Mysore
5:30 Led Primary
4:00-8:00 Open Mysore
4:00-5:30 Mysore
5:30 Led Second series

Sundays 5:00 Led Primary with Sabrina will be paused for the months of May and June for Sabrina to focus on her own practice, they will resume in July.

Costs — all memberships are May 1 – September 30, 2018 Only:

Drop In – $20

10 class Punch card – $100.00

Unlimited Options:

1 month $120.00

3 months $275

5 months (May 1 – Sept. 30 ONLY) – $400

Pro-rating and other registrations options available, if you are interested please contact Bobbi 717/443-1119.

Register Online

Beginner? How to Start:

  • Beginners learn 1:1 initially with a teacher in mysore classes, by appointment. Please call or email Bobbi to make your appointment. 717/443-1119 or
  • We also offer for beginners 6 or 8 week courses 2-3x per year. Please check here for the next Beginner course.  Online private beginner sessions available with Bobbi (and sometimes in person private classes too).  Please contact Bobbi (contact info above) if you are interested.
  • If you have some previous yoga experience some beginners may be ok to start in the led primary (or 1/2 primary) classes, this will give you an experience of the Ashtanga Yoga system, however some previous yoga experience is strongly recommended before you take these classes.


Class Descriptions

Classes last approx. 1 to 1-1/2 hours.
Teachers arrive at the studio approx. ½ hour before each class, if you have any questions or concerns, or need help with a specific aspect of yoga please come early and talk with us!

Mysore – A mysore class is individualized yoga for each person present in the room. In a Mysore class the entire class is not cued simultaneously through the same routine, instead we teach individually to each person in the class — even though people may learn the same postures, how each person does the postures is different, and how quickly each person progresses is different.  In the beginning your practice is short as you learn the breathing and the warm up movements, each time you come back we add on until you get your full practice. In this way you will remember your own yoga practice and be empowered to practice it anywhere.  Its fun to practice mysore style — everyone together as a little community doing their own practices and own routines — everyone doing something different, together.  This is how we individualize a yoga practice.  As a beginner, relish your short practices and let them grow organically.  For more information on practicing Mysore style please see the link below to our October 2013 topic of the month:

Open Mysore – Same as Mysore except teachers are here from 4:00-8:00pm just waiting for you to come and practice 🙂 You can start your yoga anytime between 4:00-7:00, please be done and finished with rest pose by 8:00pm.

Led 1/2 Primary – You are cued or led through the first half of the primary series of ashtanga yoga. This class is appropriate for someone who has been learning the primary series in our mysore classes and are ready to experience the flow and breath counts, a “little lost sheep” returning to the practice from a hiatus, or someone who has experience in other forms of yoga or are athletic or physically active and want to get an overview of what the ashtanga practice is like.

Led Primary – Students are cued through the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga learning the breathing/moving synchronicity and how to get in and out of the poses staying with your breath. The class is appropriate for anyone who has learned primary series mysore style or who has a consistent practice.  Primary series is known as Yoga Chikitsa, which means yoga therapy.

Led Second – The Second series of Ashtanga yoga is known as nadi shodhana which means nerve cleansing. Second series focuses on back bending postures, deeper forward bending postures and some inversions; it is a counter balance to primary series. In Second series we purify and strengthen the nervous system. After about one year of consistent practice most people are ready to learn the second series; this series is learned in a Mysore class — after you have learned the series in a Mysore class then Led Second is appropriate.

Beginners – Beginner’s learn individually with a teacher in any Mysore class. This is so we can individually adapt yoga for each person. Initially you will make an appointment with a teacher; after a few weeks of working 1:1 with a teacher we will slowly teach you how to continue learning in the mysore classes, at this point will no longer need to make an appointment to come.

Yoga has many definitions, but the common element is self-awareness. Yoga practices are designed and intended to promote self-knowing, or the deepening of consciousness about who we are in relation to ourselves and the outside world. This allows us to live up to our full potential as a human being. By repeatedly connecting to ourselves via the body, breath, and mind we are practicing Yoga. We discover little by little, or in flashes of perception, Who we really are. This makes us capable of relating to the outer world in a way that reduces suffering for ourselves and others by allowing us to respond with Love and Acceptance.

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