Yoga » Individual Yoga Sessions (in person and on-line)

Online & In Person Private Sessions w/ Bobbi

1 Hour = $50.00
1/2 hour = $35.00
5 sessions (1 hour) = $200.00
10 Sessions (1 hour) = $350.00

Online Private sessions are convenient!  Learn an individualized yoga, meditation, breathing, and/or de-stressing practice in the privacy of your own home 1:1 with internationally known yoga teacher, Bobbi Misiti. We use FaceTime or Zoom video conferencing for our online sessions.

The online private session can be for yoga, health coaching, nutrition, aromatherapy / essential oils, lifestyle, questions for advice on musculoskeletal conditons, and grass roots home remedies using oils, herbs, and foods.  By appointment only.  Please contact Bobbi at or 717/443-1119 to schedule an appointment.  Mahalo.

In Person Private Sessions

One on one guidance can be one time, for a short time, or ongoing. You will get individualized assistance with any questions you have about health, wellness, nutrition, and yoga.  For yoga 1:1, you will get assistance in each posture with careful attention to breathing, form, and individualizing the practice to your needs. Sessions can be a therapeutic practice, Ashtanga practice (primary, second, or third series) or focused on a certain area (such as breathing, stress techniques, or learning something new) depending on your wants and needs. This is a beneficial way to safely learn the ancient form of Yoga. 

Private sessions can also include nutrition, wellness coaching, questions for advice on aches, pains, illnesses, injuries, or developing a grass roots home remedy “pharmacy” or better yet farm-acy of essential oils, herbs, and plant medicines.

Private session is one individual with one teacher.  All private sessions require scheduling in advance.

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