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Yoga – We teach both therapeutic yoga and old fashioned Ashtanga Yoga in the method as taught by Nancy Gilgoff. The owner, Bobbi Misiti has studied extensively with Nancy Gilgoff, and secondarily Manju Jois among a few other long time ashtanga master teachers.

All the teachers at BeFit have first been students for many years, then have been trained individually by Bobbi in addition to at least one year of mentoring in classes with Bobbi.

The original method of learning Ashtanga Yoga is through direct transmission with hands on adjustments from teacher to student.  Nancy has influenced students and teachers with teaching this method of Ashtanga Yoga as she learned it. BeFit Body & Mind Yoga is part of the living tradition that continues to grow and thrive as a Yoga Community because of this dedication to sharing the practice in its purest form.

During class we focus on each student individually making the practice their own. In class your practice includes individual attention and alignment/adjustment helping you to understand the posture from the inside out gaining awareness around the true internal benefits of each posture.

Alternatively we also offer therapeutic yoga for help recovering from surgery, illness, back pain, joint pains, auto-immune diseases, or anything that is keeping you from living life to your highest potential.  In our therapeutic teaching we can incorporate physical therapy exercises, viniyoga, modified ashtanga, and basic hatha yoga in a therapeutic setting.

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Bobbi Misiti
LineageBobbi Misiti is known for her enthusiasm of health and love of Yoga.
She combines this enthusiasm with education of the body, how it operates, and how it moves. Her journey on this path began in 1990 as a self employed personal trainer, fitness instructor, and health/nutrition educator. Many years of athletics and exercise led her to seek yoga as a balance between fitness for the body and inner well being. Finding this balance in her own life and feeling the benefit to body, heart, and mind she has dedicated her life to practicing and teaching yoga, health, nutrition, and lifestyle.  Yoga entered her life in 1992, and ashtanga in 1996. She has studied ashtanga yoga extensively with Nancy Gilgoff since 2003 and practices and teaches ashtanga yoga in this method, and therapeutic yoga based on the teachings of Vini yoga.  Bobbi is currently in school with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, in June 2017 I will graduate as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coath (FMCHC).  For more information on Bobbi :

Mary Jane Wertz
MJMJ started practicing Ashtanga Yoga in November 2009, after a long athletic career and 2 knee replacements. Yoga has provided a low impact, highly active, calming and meditative activity. Advancing through Primary and Intermediate series using modifications whenever and wherever necessary, it has been an adventurous journey for both teacher and student. Teacher training began in October 2013 and in September 2014, MJ cued her first led primary class. Her motto taken from Pattabhi Jois, “Anyone can do yoga…only lazy people can’t do yoga.”

Andrew Abaria
Andrew Abaria has practiced yoga for over 11 years and has taught for the last nine. He has spent most of his years training in Los Angeles, CA and is currently working on his third series Ashtanga practice. Andrew’s favorite thing about Ashtanga yoga is the discipline it bring to his life. Away from the yoga studio, Andrew is a working musician.

Sabrina Kish
Sabrina started Ashtanga in 2012. Feeling the power of the practice she dove in fully including studies of the yoga philosophies. She started teacher training at BeFit Yoga in early 2015. In 2016 she went to Maui to study with Nancy Gilgoff to enhance her depth of yoga knowledge and in 2017 she is doing a teacher training with Manju Jois. She has a gentle touch on her assists and a deep knowledge of yoga, and the primary and intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga.

Karen Weber
Karen’s first experience with yoga started before studios began appearing in central PA. Over the years, she has explored several yoga styles before settling into the Ashtanga method in 2012. Since that time, she has attended workshops with Nancy Gilgoff and Leslie Kaminoff as well as David Swenson’s Ashtanga primary series teacher training intensive. She continues to refine her practice while also studying yogic philosophy and anatomy.

Holly Keich
STORYogaHolly began her yoga journey at Be Fit Yoga in 2002.  She began teaching Ashtanga at the studio in fall of 2004. She has attended training’s with Nancy Gilgoff, David Williams, and Beryl Bender Birch. In 2007, when Holly became pregnant with her first child she began teaching prenatal yoga classes that impart not only the wisdom of poses for the childbearing year, but also knowledge of the spiritual and emotional process of becoming a parent. Holly has attended pre and postnatal yoga teacher trainings with Stephanie Keach and Mindful Mamas. She has also attended Baby Om Yoga training in NYC and is a Certified ChildLight Yoga Instructor, including Baby & Toddler Yoga as well as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor. She supports mother, child & family connections through the opening of Om Baby Pregnancy & Parenting Center in 2008. Having a continuous (householder) practice through this phase of her life, she has recently returned to instructing Ashtanga again at Be Fit Yoga in 2016.

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